Image of a camera. In the lens is an image of a woman in a grey beanie and black tshirt speaking into a microphone

The Beanie Bard: Writer & Photographer has been launched as a sole trader company since 1st March 2020. It is registered with HMRC for tax purposes. My body of work for 2020 onwards can be found below. Please contact using the details below if you think I can provide work for your individual or business needs.

Work Portfolio 1st March 2020 Onwards

COVID 19 has obviously slowed down this last 18 months portfolio of booked work.

October 2020

Interviewed for Bipolar Creatives, a website created by Chloe Swedberg

2 poems: ‘Ode to a cheese toastie’ and ‘Sesquipidalian’ featured in ‘The Trawler’: a collection of poetry being released by The Gloucestershire Poetry Society

July 2020

Worked on Swindon Museum and Art Gallery’s Art On Tour project as part of the Family In Residence programme

18th April 2020 Scheduled event cancelled owing to COVID 19 outbreak

Event to come: Local Author Meet & Greet event, children’s genre, Swindon Central Library, 11am – 1pm

Book copies available at:

1st March 2020

Business official launch.

Following business meeting appointed to work for Rusty Goat’s Poetry Corner as Social Media Manager providing photography, videography, articles and blogs

Work Portfolio for period 1st January 2020 – 29th February 2020

1st February – 29th February 2020

Art exhibition at Baristocats independent coffee shop on Commercial Road, Swindon. All prints featured are limited edition runs of 10 prints to be sold prior to images being retired. Please enquire using contact form if interested

Wall of photographs. In front is a woman in glasses, a rainbow coloured beanie and a grey tshirt smiling for the camera
Wall of photographs. In front to the right is a woman in glasses, a rainbow coloured beanie and a grey tshirt smiling for the camera. To the left is a bald headed man in a black tshirt with folded arms

If you wish to discuss how I can help you please get in touch below

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