Quillstrokes is a 52 week competition for writers and poets. On a Monday a new prompt is dropped on social media. During the week anyone taking part submits a piece of writing, of any form on the subject. Submissions are due in by Saturday evening. Results are announced on the Sunday with the winner being showcased on this page.

24th January

Welcome to Week 3 of Quillstrokes and this week our theme was Happiness. Our winner from week 1: Jutta, from IPSUM, Swindon’s Mental Health and Wellbeing centre who wrote a great poem about a furry friend

Honourable mention this week goes to IPSUM service user Aaron with a great Acrostic style poem


17th January 2021

Welcome to the 2nd week of Quillstrokes and this week our theme was ‘Trapped’. Our winner and honourable mention both work for IPSUM, Swindon’s local mental health and wellbeing centre providing creative therapy and counselling for those in need. Our guest judge Nick Lovell chose this winning piece as he found the work very clever and compelling with an excellent and unexpected ending. Provided by Barb Lorusso who began sending me her work following my September Seventy challenge. I can only hope we see more as it shows real flair and talent. You can see IPSUM’s work on Instagram using the handle @IPSUM

Honourable mention this week goes to fellow IPSUM contributor Jutta who provided a poem about a trapped butterfly that had beautiful rich imagery.


10th January 2021

This week’s #quillstrokes competition prompt was ‘Monsters’. We had a brilliant poem submitted by a service user from Ipsum, the Swindon Mental Health & Wellbeing centre, a service I have used myself which provides music and art therapy as well as counselling services.

Congratulations on being the winner of our inaugural week: Jutta!

A pair of crossed feet in colourful hightops. The picture is overlaid with a watercolour style effect

About Quill Strokes

Quill strokes is a weekly competition I hold on my social media for writers. Links are released every Monday with submissions due in by 5pm on the Saturday. All winners are featured on this page

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