This page is a portfolio of my various photography styles, updated throughout 2020


Hidden Britain

A project I have just started about the hidden side of every day life. We are all so focussed on the world straight in front that our tunnel vision causes us to lose sight of the wonders in the every day. This will fuse more modern phenomena like the proliferation of graffiti as an art form with things long broken down and forgotten. Photos to be added shortly

It is what it says on the tin. A wide sampling of the people and places I encounter on my travels with an aim to show where we are all alike and where we differ. Photos to be added shortly

Working parts

Man made wonders from big to small. Photos to be added shortly

Art and conceptual

Art and beauty is in the eyes and mind of those who look at it. Is photography art or science and what story is a photograph telling. Some traditionally aesthetic photos and some that may have some quirks. Some of these prints will end up in the shop as prints to be sold, others are just to make you think. Photos to be added shortly

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Macro Photography

Macro isnt ugly and it isnt just for bugs. A project that showcases the best of the world hidden under our noses, how even humdrum objects have hidden dimensions and that the small beasties we shy away from are actually quite fascinating when you take time to get to know them. Photos to be added shortly

Objects in still life

A snapshot of a thing. Frozen in time. Exotic or everyday. It all comes down to the same thing depending on who’s eyes it is being seen through. Photos to be added shortly

Life through a lens.

Whether landscape through a long lens or a lensball it could turn your head or turn you on your head. Photos of the world through a lensball for an inverted effect or through a camera lens in wide angle splendour. Photos to be added shortly.

Light and colour

A series of photos that look at light and colour and how the absence or presence of both affect the image you see. Or some combination of the above. Photos to be added shortly.

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