Photographic content and blogs 2019

17th September 2019

I’ve been taking new photos at every opportunity this month across a range of disciplines including macro, sports, landscape and urban. Some are included below

7th August 2019

On a further trip out with the sigma lens on the Sony Alpha 7ii via an MC 11 converter using an aperture of f/8 and 1 /200 shutter found a butterfly willing to pose for me and chased a bumblebee. Much sharper focussed pictures today am getting a feel for the lens and camera.

th August 2019

Tried out a different macro lens on the new camera today. Vastly improved but I need to learn to focus quicker to chase these guys

4th August 2019

I got myself a new camera. I felt the logical progression was to move to full frame so while I made the switch I also moved to Mirrorless to allow me to reduce some weight. This shot tells me it was well worth the investment!

1st July 2019

I have been doing a photo editing job this last couple of days. I took this photo of Harry and blended it with a photo of his grandparents. This photo wouldn’t be possible as his great nan passed away when he was tiny. I then spent some time with his mum to find out about her nan and wrote her a personalised poem so I could combine the two to make this framed and mounted piece. Thankyou Becca for the opportunity to do this for you

28th July 2019

Have been invited to an art exhibition at Sainsbury, Bridgemead in Swindon by Ipsum to show my book and photography. Here are a few prints I will be taking

I have also been doing so photo blending for a personal friend to enable her to have a photograph of her young son with her grandparents, something not otherwise possible. It is going to be mounted in a frame along with a poem I have written. Photo of her son was also taken by myself