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I first met Annalisa at an open-mic night in Swindon, mid way through 2019, where she did her first poetry open-mic.

We’ve maintained contact since then. Annalisa has become a a regular at Rusty Goat’s Poetry Corner, which is a spoken-word night I founded in December 2017 in Swindon, which is very much a strong, well attended and respected night on the Poetry open-mic circuit.We talked recently about how, with her help and expertise we could grow and promote the Poetry Corner night and expand upon the brand and message we deliver and support. Namely in the way we actively engage and support the open conversations relating to mental health and wellbeing through poetry and giving others the platform to talk about their own journey.After a couple of meetings it was decided and agreed that with Annalisa’s input we could expand Poetry Corner, giving us a greater presence on social media platforms.

Annalisa is now our social media manager, providing Blogs, Vlogs, Reviews of Poetry Corner nights, as well as putting a plan together with myself for interviews with local and National poets, highlighting their profiles.

Annalisa is firmly onboard with what Poetry Corner stands for and our values. To quote my own words but also that of which we stand for… Opening doors for conversations into difficult subjects.

The plans we have agreed on have given a new lease of life and direction to Poetry Corner for the next 18 months and beyond. Annalisa has been professional, supportive, engaging and will ensure we have a greater presence both locally and nationally on the poetry spoken-word scene.

I would recommend her to anyone wishing to grow their online presence and beyond. Annalisa is an accomplished writer and this shows in the blogs and written work that she has produced for me. Her written accounts of poetry events I run and host manage to capture the essence of the evening in her own quirky style with a touch of subtle humor.

Scott ‘Rusty Goat’ Cowley 10/3/2020 regarding work as Social Media Manager for Rusty Goat Poetry Corner. Original recommendation on Facebook page. Thankyou Scott.

Some cracking photos of my children and pooch. Would definitely recommend this business

Melissa Clews 29/2/2020 regarding photoshoot of Oscar, Ada and Pirate. Original recommendation on Facebook page. Thankyou Melissa.

Annalisa took some fantastic pictures of my dog Elmer. The finished photos are brilliant. Thank you I’m so pleased! You’ve really captured her energetic personality.

Jo Godsell 26/9/2019 regarding photoshoot of Elmer. Original recommendation on Facebook page. Thankyou Jo.

“I would highly recommend Annalisa’s work. She literally gave me the impossible photo that I had dreamed off, my beloved grandmother with my youngest son. Then she took the time to learn about her so she could write some beautiful words to go with it. She is very talented as well as being compassionate with people to provide them with the highest quality she can. Would highly recommend her to anyone”

Becca Dyas 28/7/2019 regarding photoediting work which can be found on my photography page. Recommendation sent via email. Thankyou Becca.

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