Obviously COVID 19 has put a crimp in the world’s plans for 2020 and its no different here at Beanie Bard HQ. I’ve had to put my business launch on hold to be a homeschooling mum to two children.

I’m not giving up though. The Beanie Bard is locked down but not given up on. I am practicing my photography daily and starting to try and write regularly for myself again while no work is on the books. You can follow the work on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_beanie_bard/. If you are interested I also run two Instagram blogs at https://www.instagram.com/actionthecavedog/ and https://www.instagram.com/the_uncensored_slimmer/ respectively. Action The Cave Dog is my Labrador who has his own small following as he chronicles his ‘advenchures’ with his ‘hoomans’. The Uncensored Slimmer is an honest look at the battle of the bulge. I use them as writing practice and they are updated less than my main page which has new photos almost daily, but they seem to cause a great deal of amusement with every new blog. You can click on the widget at the bottom of the page for the Beanie Bard IG page.

I am also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/beaniebard should you prefer that for your social media platform. I can still consider writing commissions during this time, so please get in touch if you think I can provide a service. All photos below are watermarked and subject to copyright. Not to be used without permission.

Below are some of the works I’ve developed during lockdown on a wide variety of subjects. A short explanation of each is under the galleries, with some technical information provided for anyone interested. It looks like a photo heavy series but on daily exercise alone I have taken 1800 photos (if you include duds/fails/not quite best quality) during May alone, so this really is a small collection. You can click on any photo for a full size image. So sit back and relax for just five minutes and have a look. The comments bar is at the bottom of the page if you want to leave me some feedback, constructive criticism, words of encouragement or simply wish to string some random words together… Hedgehog. Broccoli. Tennis. Refrigerator. That kind of thing.


These are an image series I did with some heads from Lego buildable Star Wars figures. I used my light box and a single light source shone from one side to achieve the effect. Post processing in light room to improve contrast.

The sky has been magnificent during lockdown with the clouds currently unaffected by sky travel. I have caught a few here at normal exposure and then some using a slow exposure to capture the movement, which has also given the ghost car effect on the Magic roundabout. All taken using a circular polarising filter and the daytime ones also necessitating stacked neutral density filters. All photos taken during daily exercise times or by my house.

A firm favourite of mine are birds and animals, especially macro. The birds were all captured within 200m of my house, while the squirrels were taken during my daily exercise on a walk around our local town gardens where they are quite brave around humans.

A series of people and places that have caught my interest, with street and urban photography being my favourite photo genre. The people photos have been moved and are now curated on the Portfolio 2020 page, this is a small sampling of my photos from the world around me. Landscape photography is a skill I am working on with all photos being composed using either leading lines or the rule of thirds. The water photos were taken at both slow exposure and fast exposure to capture movement, or freeze it respectively. The last two are some initially efforts at a zoom burst effect but I think I will need to take my tripod to improve on this.

These photos are a collection curated from still life pieces done for the 31 day photo challenge, including my vintage camera collection which I am in the process of refurbishing for film use as working cameras again, as well as tools and mechanical parts. All items are from my household except the car wheels from a showroom walked past during daily exercise. My husband was also particularly proud of the photos of his customised vape mod which has been moved and can be found on the portfolio page. The last few are conceptual pieces I have started on the topics of chronic illness and the effects lockdown can have on people.

Toys! Everybody loves toys. Or maybe I’m alone in being the adult who still loves toys. Either way this collection has been curated during the 31 day photo challenge, which has meant I haven’t had to leave the house to practice. The first few were some I took purely for silliness, though I attempted a relatively plain background to keep the focus on the scene I had created. The Lego photos and the bubbles were much more of an attempt to create photos that retained the sense of a fun item but still making a classy or striking photo. The lego in particular was a set I really liked and one of the few taken with my P30 Pro mobile phone and edited in Snapseed instead of my Sony Alpha 7ii camera and usual editing in Lightroom.

This last series are the pieces I have done on flora. I like a lot of soft background bokeh effect and you may have noticed I love texture and highlighting the light and dark tones of my work. I like the viewer to feel like they can almost reach out and touch the different textures in my photos. These have been great for experimenting with this.

If you have reached the bottom of the page I applaud you for your stamina. Hope you have enjoyed the lockdown photos. I’ve enjoyed learning during this time how to work on limited opportunities which has been beneficial but have also had time to improve my composition and trying to convey what I felt or thought when I took it and a sense of the scene I was in and the texture and light available.