Finished… Well for now. But it is nice to finally have some content for each of my Web pages so visitors have a fully laid out website to view and it doesn’t look like it is a construction site.

So news? Well so far in July I have hit 50 sales/downloads of The Sky Painter and 32 downloads of Shadows In The Attic. 100 copies of my fiction work is within sight. On the 1st August from 1900hrs to 2100hrs I will be at Sainsbury, Bridgemead in Swindon as I am honoured to hsve been invited by Ipsum, a local organisation who provide counselling and creative therapy, to their art exhibition. I will be taking some copies of The Sky Painter and examples of my photography.

I have also received an email from The Mighty to say they will be publishing a 3rd blog of mine and have been commissioned for an 8 part blog series about photography for a friend with a social media marketing company. I am continuing to speak at open mics and may have some interesting options available soon.

I have been doing a photoediting project for a friend which has worked well and may be a viable work option very soon once I am up and running properly doing freelance work. Examples are on my photography page and feel free to contact me if this is of any interest to you.

In between I have been attempting to build a social media network up in the forms of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Deviant Art and You Tube. I have also, unaware of how busy I would be enrolled myself on 4 short online study courses in Smartphone Photography, Lightroom, Blog Marketing and Web design as well as a more in depth course on Photography to expand my skills and in between am still trying to find time to photo edit my own photos, submit to Gurushots for feedback and write poetry. All of this and I have 2 children’s books and a novel on the go. Hey, sleep is for the weak right?

Until next time, please prop me in a corner if you find me snoring,


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