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Please note if you are looking for the site that was previously http://www.thebeaniebard.com it is now at here at TBB Freelancing as I am undergoing rebranding. The Beanie Bard trademark is now used entirely for my creative writing. This site itself is under construction so please bear with me and wear a hard hat when viewing any loose words.

Annalisa Jackson

Author, Writer & Photographer


Welcome to the site, that big old name above is me. I’m Annalisa. I’m 36 and 63 months old (!) and I’m a writer.

I didn’t start out as a writer and was in healthcare for 21 years – most of that in the Emergency Department of my local hospital. I know it seems strange this very strange tangent my career ended up at, but after medical retirement from nursing due to Bipolar and Fibromyalgia I decided to follow my dreams (nope, not the one with Darth Vader riding a unicorn – the other one).

I wanted to write since I was a child and I started writing (bad) poetry in my teens. So I’ve struck out on a whole new road, starting a small freelancing business in March of 2020.

The work started slowly but I am persisting. But I also always wanted to have my creative writing published. So in 2013 I went to Amazon KDP and published my first short story: Shadows In The Attic. Since then I’ve had blogs and articles published in various outlets, as well as 3 of my poems published in anthologies. My first children’s book: The Sky Painter followed in April of 2019, having written it for my children some years before to explain happiness and sadness. I am now in the process of publishing my second book: In The Land Of The Boogaloo via Sleepy Lion publishing. Its currently targeted for Spring 2022. On this site you can find informating and links about my books and upcoming events. Thanks for supporting


(The Beanie Bard)

You can buy my children’s book ‘The Sky Painter’ here
You can visit my Amazon Author Central Page here

You can buy my short story: Shadows In The Attic’ here

You can buy ‘The Trawler’ by The Gloucestershire Poetry Society here. I have two poems in here: ‘Sesquipidalian’ and ‘Ode To A Cheese Toastie’

You can buy ‘Joined Up Writing: The Second Installment’ by Fin Hall, Blot From The Blue, here. I have one poem in here ‘I survive, You Survive, We Survive

You can buy work published in other anthologies here. And for now…

Stay tuned for more work to follow


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.

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