Regarding COVID 19.

The Beanie Bard site is active though services are running at limited levels. Contact if you have any requirements though as we may be able to help.

Welcome to the site


Have you come in search of someone who can write you easy to read, engaging articles and content? Or are you looking for somebody who can take photographs that will draw clients to your product? Or, just maybe, you need both but don’t know where to find somebody who can offer you the full package? I can provide all of the above.

If you are an individual I also offer services such as personalised writing or poetry, art prints and natural, outdoor photoshoots for your children or pets. Whatever your needs welcome to my site.

I have a medical background and can offer well researched, accurate medical blogs, article & content writing. I also specialise in autism and mental health.

My favourite photo styles are pet photos, street and people photography and conceptual work. HOWEVER, I am very versatile and happy to work on other subjects, genres or content and, more importantly, will always push the limits and boundaries of what I can do to provide the best possible content and services.

I am also a children’s author and performance poet with a strong creative streak which enables me to take unique portraits and an artistic view of the world as well as provide poetry or prose tailored to your needs. Please feel free to explore the site. I have a service page with a full list of my services which is on the top menu. My print shops are at

The Beanie Bard (TBB)

My work and special interests

  • Article specialities – Autism, Mental Illness & Chronic Illness/Pain, currently available for guest blogging
  • Article & Content Writing plus product photography
  • Photo editing and blending
  • Art prints on a variety of subjects, currently available for exhibitions
  • Pet and children or family portraits in a candid and natural style and setting
  • Camera restoration – currently in construction
  • Children’s fiction – available on Amazon
  • Page poetry and prose
  • Performance poetry, available for bookings

Full details on Services Page

My first children’s book, available on EBook or in paperback
Person with purple and blue mohawk wearing sunglasses and a blue shirt smiling into camera


Full contact details are below. I am available via telephone, email or social media. I mainly work by appointment so please get in contact so we can discuss your needs

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